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"We are seeing impressive savings, both monetary and carbon! Warp It is brilliant, it has changed the face of re-use for organisations forever and for the better!"

- Lucy Ardnt, Sustainability officer, University of St Andrews

"The simple attraction is the ability to advertise unwanted assets easily and conveniently, giving us the opportunity to actually reduce procurement. We have saved £1000s just by better internal sharing of surplus inkjet cartridges. We have saved £1000s for schools by redistributing lever arch files"

- Hilary Phillips, Change Management lead, Sunderland City Council

"Imperial College London registered with Warp It over a year ago and it was just what we were waiting for! With such large organisation and relatively little storage space, Warp it seems tailor made for us. More and more staff and students are registering and give positive feedback on how useful and easy it is to use"

- Helen Swanton, Waste & Recycling Officer Imperial College London

"The Warp It scheme has been a significant success in Sunderland and has progressed well beyond our expectations. It is a fantastic example of partnership working between the public, private and third sector. Warp It reflects a core aim of the City’s partners, that is to work together to achieve something much bigger than any individual organisation ever could achieve on their own"

- Jessica May, Partnership Manager

"I think it is an absolutely fantastic service and as a small business, it has been invaluable for me in getting set up. More companies should be involved in it! I will certainly recommend the website to business colleagues "

- Susan Lang, Business consultancy

"It is so easy to use, simple and quick. You will save money straightaway as well as pooling resources with other schools. It’s brilliant- I’m gobsmacked. If I had known it was this easy I would’ve used it much earlier."

- Glenis Wallace, Sunningdale School

"A pioneering tool that genuinely combines some of the Council’s top priorities: reducing waste, saving money and supporting local groups and communities"

- Bryan Harris, Sustainability Manager, Dundee City Council

"Warp it is a no brainer with so many benefits. We steer staff to the portal which reduces procurement and waste spend. After only a few months, the benefits were obvious"

- Julie Parkinson, Category Procurement Specialist, Northumberland County Council

"I would definitely recommend the system. It has solved all the issues we had trying to reuse assets. We have rolled the system out to other large organisations in the city"

- Dianne Pattison, Policy Officer, Sunderland City Council

"Warp It has achieved significant financial savings whilst also providing environmental and social benefits."

- Lee Jackson, Commercial and Procurement Services Manager, Northumberland County Council

"We are in the process of moving stations and have found Warp it an essential way to reuse and release unwanted furniture back into the community. It reduces furniture going to landfill and money saved goes into front line policing."

- Dave Matthews, Administrative Officer at Avon and Somerset Police

"I don’t think people are aware of how easy it is. Everyone’s got to look after the budget and this really will save you money."

- Linda Nesbitt, John F Kennedy Primary School

"With all the cuts in government spending, Devon County Council is radically down sizing its floor space and relocating staff to different premises. By using Warp it we can identify and move surplus furniture between offices more efficiently and pass surplus items to community organisations such as schools and charities"

- Cabinet Member for Performance and Engagement, Councillor Barry Parsons, Devon County Council.

I have found quite a few things on here for our office and they are delivered with a smile and in great condition

- Anon, University of Kent

It is very quick & easy to use

- Anon, University of Kent

We're all being asked to do more with less, and Warp It has allowed us to make use of stuff that other people no longer need.

- Anon, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

It's just perfect for re-using all that junk that accumulates in the photocopier room, making sure you don't cry at the perfectly good office chairs, desks etc. that normally get binned during office moves and finding those odds and sods that sometimes you just don't have in the office!

- John Bailey, University of London

We have had loads of help to get Warp it off the ground, many thanks!

- Anon, North East Ambulance Service

This is such a great service and helps everyone to find what they want and also pass on your own unwanted items.

- Anon, University of Kent

Straight forward and efficient service

- Garilen Enano, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS

This site has been a life saver when ever I am looking for items at such short notice and also when I myself are having to find a new home for items rather than dispose of. I have never been disappointed yet and all for a good cause.

- Lesley Ross, The University of Edinburgh

Always easy to use - putting up items and picking up. I also like that it gives people the opportunity to reuse items that would have otherwise been sent to landfill.

- Anon, University College London


- Anon, Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust

Excellent concept and so easy to use. Such a fabulous way of not only receiving high quality items but also of recycling unused items of your own.

- Dennis Hopkins, North Ayrshire Council

Im happy with Warp It at CWP (Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust) and it's made my work life easier by being able to supply many staff with items they wouldn't be able to purchase normally, I get a lot of positive feedback from them so Im happy.

- Jeannie Hetcalfe-Hall, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Excellent and very important service!

- Adam Cooley, University of Cambridge

A great service and receiving notifications really helps.

- Anon, PKAVS

Warp It has been absolutely fantastic for our Trust - we made our money back easily during our pilot. Our admin function takes an hour a week or less, and we have had a lot of positive feedback from users.  They have been pleased with how simple it is to use and they are grateful that WarpIt is there when budgets run dry!

- Nick Fayers, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS FT

Due to us having to move premises to a larger building we were in need of more furniture, the system enabled me to furnish the new rooms at no cost with good quality furniture.

- Anon, Dundee City Council

A brilliant service. So easy to use and a great way of recycling furniture. It is like the e-Bay of Higher Education, but for free! Wish we could have had this system years ago!

- Joanna Zuranska, University of Nottingham

Wonderful service

- Anon, University of Glasgow

10 out of 10. I love the system!

- Martin Farley, King's College London

Makes life a lot easier and allows me to operate sustainably with second hand furniture.

- Paul Clayton, The University of Queensland

I think it is a great recycling service and would totally recommend.

- Beverley James, University of Southampton

We were just thinking of ordering some of these sign holders and here they are, as if by magic. 10 out of 10. Thank you.

- Anon, The University of Edinburgh

Excellent service especially for charities to be able to access and items always good quality. Easy to use and everything organised so quickly and efficiently.

- Anon, National Charities

Excellent means of finding new homes for unwanted materials

- Anon, Dundee City Council

It's an amazing service!

- Anon, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS

I love freebies! If you want you can put the quote on your website :0)

- Anon, University of Kent

There's nothing to dislike about free equipment.

- Anon, The University of Edinburgh

Brilliant, I just love this idea. I sent a request for some items one day and the very next day my wish was fulfilled. THANK YOU Warp It

- Marie Le Bon, Canterbury Christ Church University

Easy site to use but mainly because I think it is such a wonderful idea.

- Anon, NHS Highland

Amazing site usability, effortless to connect with other users,

- Anon, University of Brighton

This is a great little resource for redistributing things and saving them from landfill! Well worth having a look through if youre looking for something specific, or you have something that needs a new home.

- Anon, University of Chester

Has worked really well for NHS Highland, we are delighted!

- Anon, NHS Highland

Well its easy to get stuff onto the site quickly and is user friendly for me. I can also remove stuff and change dates for items easily, helps me as I run this on my own !

- CWP Waste & Environment Team, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

I love this system, which makes it so easy to see what is available in my organisation, and to facilitate recycling of items wherever possible.

- Anon, University of East Anglia


- Anon, University College London

Warp It is an excellent service.

- Anon, West Dunbartonshire Council

Very quick and easy.

- Anon, West Dunbartonshire Council

Good, fast service.

- Anon, The University of Edinburgh

Just love freebies and how easy this is!

- Anon, University of Kent

Absolutely superb furniture recycle solution

- Anon, University of Glasgow

Top class service

- Anon, University of Glasgow

Easy to find items and reserve them.

- Anon, University of Nottingham

Instant service!

- Anon, Devon County Council

Fantastic way of recycling items for others to use, and handy for receiving items we need too!

- Anon, Brighton & Hove City Council

Helping people to help the planet by not using landfill! Stretching budgets without further stretching the Earth's resources

- Anon, University of Oxford

Am so pleased with the chair I claimed! Great that things are being re-used instead of discarded. The staff member I dealt with was very helpful. Also, the collection arrangements were very straightforward.

- Anon, Bath & North East Somerset Council

Always a pleasure to use the site!

- Anon, Auckland Home Solutions CIC

I like to use recycled furniture rather than having to buy new and this saves me having to travel 4 miles to go to the warehouse to look what's available.

- Anon, University of Nottingham

Very useful service.

- Anon, Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust

I love this service. It is saving me a fortune across the whole Division and it is great to be able to re-use items that would otherwise be discarded.

- Anon, Central Manchester University Hospitals

The service is a huge advantage for any institution and helps reduce waste, cost and allows you to free up space which is a massive premium in most offices.

- Yashir Atewala, Imperial College London

Excellent way to share unwanted items.

- Anon, The University of Edinburgh

Brilliant service, very innovative idea, my department has benefitted.

- Anon, University of Oxford

Respond was almost instant -thank you very much!

- Krystian Sysa , University of The Arts London

Excellent just got what I have been looking for.

- Anon, NHS Tayside

Easy site to register with and use.

- Anon, HW

Warp It is a great recycling service. The website is really easy to use.

- Anon, City of London

This is a great service to recycle bits of equipment acorss our large organisation.

- Anon, NHS Grampian

This is such a fantastic resource webiste to get free items and help the environment.

- Maggie O'Connor, Central Manchester University Hospitals

Brilliant service - very inventive way of reducing wastage. I've had nice chairs and a desk, both as good as new!

- Rob Chapman, University of Kent

Great active approach on the environment protection.

- Anon, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS

I just think this is such a simple yet brilliant idea and the running of this service is fantastic. Well done and keep it up!

- Anon, University College London

Incredibly easy and simple to use, especially being a first time user!

- Anita Gaisford, Canterbury Christ Church University

High quality and useful stuff.

- Anon, Imperial College London

Sustainable and useful for reuse of equipment.

- Anon, University of Nottingham

Very efficient.

- Anon, Queen's University Belfast

Great and fast service.

- Anon, West Lothian Council

Amazing things up for grabs!

- Anon, University of Cambridge

This is a fantastic service that saves much needed cash. Staff should be encouraged to check this website before ordering any office supplies. Thank you

- Manar Elkhazindar, NHS Highland

Fabulously eco friendly concept and so easy to access and use. Can't believe it took us so long to think about this terrific idea.

- Anon, North Ayrshire Council

Great system, and help on hand whenever it's needed.

- Anon, University of The Arts London

Worthwhile and easy to use.

- Anon, University of Sunderland

This is an excellent service - quick, efficient, and above all cost-saving - great to see recycling put to good use.

- Diane Spratt, Queen's University Belfast

Fantastic service, easy to use, good support and a massive boost to the voluntary community sector in Sunderland

- Anon, Voluntary & Community Action Sunderland

Warp It is such a simple but great idea and saving both money and the planet at the same time is just a lovely feeling!

- Jane Day, University of Kent

Been great in terms of easy of use and ethics - also helped us in sourcing good materials for the student union

- Iain Herbert, HW

It is a fantastic way to recycle very good products

- Anon, Manchester NHS

It is a fantastic website and I try to look at it every day

- Maggie O'Connor, Manchester NHS

Excellent way to utilize unwanted items. As they say " One man's trash is another man's treasure !

- Anon, The University of Edinburgh

It has made finding things a lot more easier

- Anon, The University of Queensland

Great way to find those items you need at no cost.

- Anon, Kingston University

The site is so easy to use and the updates are very useful.

- Anon, Queen's University Belfast

The service was quick & easy to use. I support recycling generally & a few of the items I listed went outside my institution to help others too.

- Anon, University of Glasgow

I think its a great idea - and helps all the departments out. Also saving the Trust some money.

- Anon, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

It is very easy to use, with not too many e-mails. I would like a little more information in the e-mails, so that I don't have to log in to see what is being offered, but otherwise the system works very well. Keep up the good recycling work!

- Anon, University of Cambridge

You do great job for our community!

- Anon, Glasgow Social Enterprise Network

Warp It is such a great way to recycle furniture and equipment which helps me enormously to perform my role while reducing costs.

- Anon, University of Glasgow

Brilliant, Warp It is such a good way to obtain equipment at no cost.

- Anon, University of Glasgow

Fab idea for saving money!

- Anon, Manchester NHS

Just think the concept of the site is amazing. I have used the service to order two new monitors and am very chuffed.

- Anon, The University of Edinburgh

Very good service. A good money saver to use items up from other offices that would otherwise be scrapped.

- Vaughan Munro, HMRC

Excellent utilization of hospital property, which would otherwise be disposed of!

- Anon, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Simple to use site, very accessible and no red tape.

- Anon, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Nothing but goodness! nothing in the bin and one persons trash is another's treasure!

- Anon, University College London

Fantastic service. Quick and easy to use site and a way to recycle unused or unwanted items, saving money and resources. What's not to like!

- Anon, NHS Tayside

A great way to find new homes for items that still have a lot of life left in them, rather than adding to the tons of waste and helping save money too.

- Anon, University of Brighton

So easy to use and quick.

- Anon, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Great service and so environmentally friendly!

- Matthew Shaw-Smith, Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust

Great use of NHS resources

- Anon, Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust

I think it is a brilliant way to re-use things rather than throwing away - there is far too much wastage in this world, people should value time and effort which goes into producing things.

- Anon, Brighton & Hove City Council

Warp It has been extremely effective in my remit to equip different spaces in the Centre for Journalism. It has allowed me to recycle and reuse perfectly functional

and good quality furniture and has saved the department (and the University) several thousand pounds.

- Gerardo Calia, University of Kent

This is an excellent way for teams to save valuable resources (financial and material) and avoid waste.

Before Warpit, equipment that was not in disrepair was dumped when it wasn't needed as there was no means to store or recycle.

- Anon, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The site is great and improving all the time. You have always taken our feedback and supported our wacky requests.

This system has allowed us to provide resources we otherwise would not have known about and perhaps slipped passed us and out of the organisation.

We are trying to spread the word within our sector and beyond. We are about to use the system for another major project with the inventory underway as I write this.

- Anon, City of Edinburgh Council

Easy to navigate website and I have been able to claim a number of items.

- Anon, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Overall the service is great and the range of companies/organisations using is superb but there is always some room for improvement hence 9/10 but;

Warpit is very, very good.

- Anon, Dundee City Council

Great idea, well executed!

- Steve Salvini, Heriot Watt

This is such a brilliant cost saving site and it's also good to know that items you no longer require are useful to someone else with no additional costs to either party.

- Morven Weir, NHS Highland

Amazingly quick service - immediate response

- Anon, Teesside University

Fabulous way of recycling goods and saving money much needed for other resources.

- Anon, Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust

Extremely easy to reset password - thank you

- Anon, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The system is so easy to use and is saving so much carbon! thanks very much Warp It!

- Anon, University of Cambridge

Just a brilliant service.

- Anon, University of Nottingham

Found what I wanted in 10 seconds!

- Anon, King's College London
Devon County Council
City of London
The University of Edinburgh
NHS Tayside