One of Warp It’s objectives is to help support charitable activities. Organisations often have surplus resources which they no longer need but are in good condition. Warp It was created to make sure these items can be passed to organisations carrying out charitable activities in a safe and legal manner.

Warp It is free to all charities, not for profit’s, social enterprises, community groups and groups which are not commercial but have a social service.

Charities can sign up and by linking up with  local organisations, receive notifications of surplus items in their area.

You do not have to be a charity with a charity number, as long as you are carrying out a social benefit to the community then you can take part.

Charitable groups can benefit from Warp It in a number of ways.

  1. Get access to surplus resources in your area and nationally. This will save you money so you can spend it on your charitable activities.
  2. Collaborate and make connections  with other organisations in your area-as well as sharing surplus resources this can bring many benefits.
  3. Furniture and bulky waste charities can distribute their own goods on Warp It for other charities, individuals or organisations to claim.
  4. Transport charities can advertise their services for the transfer of goods from one organisation to another.
  5. National charities can use the system to advertise their resources around their own networks.
  6. Furniture refurbishment charities can advertise their services to members.
  7. Furniture and bulky waste charities can advertise their services to members

What now?

There are two types of charity account

For small charities

If you are a small to medium sized not for profit please view this Youtube link, and read the guide here. You can sign up here. 

For larger and/or national charities 

If you are a national charity or with lots of other charity group members (like a CVS or similar) please view this clip here, and read the guide here. If you are a national charity or have many memberss, sign up for the larger account: Sign up here

Link up with organisations in your area
Start sharing surplus resources