Our organisations have surplus resources (such as furniture) which they no longer need but are in good condition.

Warp It creates an environment to where items can be passed to organisations carrying out charitable activities in a safe and legal manner.

Warp It offers a free sign up to  charities*, not for profit’s, social enterprises, community groups which are not commercial but have a social service.

Charities can sign up and by linking up with organisations (i.e. Universities and NHS), can browse surplus items in their area and beyond, to collect for free.  Please read more here


What now? - Let's get you signed up. 

There are 3 categories that your organisation should fall under, please choose the one that best descibes your organisation and follow the link.  

  • I am a large charity that has a number of regional sites, please sign up here


  • I am a national membership charity that represents a network of local charities and community groups, please sign up here


  • I am a local regional charity or social group, I have 1 maybe 2 sites, please sign up here 


If you are unsure which catergory your organisation falls under, please do not hesitate to contact the Warp it office on 0800 045 8755

Look here for guides

If you are a small to medium sized organisation please view this Youtube link, and read the guide here

If you are a national charity or with lots of other charity group members (like a CVS or similar) please view this clip here, and read the guide here.


Coming soon:

Our inspirational customer stories - read some of our great stories from our customers here soon!

We have a challenge to donate £3 million worth of resources to our charitable partners by April 2018  - Be a part of it!!