Reduce Skip Costs

Head Porter

We use the system to manage movements around the estate. The system finds new owners for reusable items within this organisation or within other organisations. I reduce my skip costs. I also save staff time, because my men are not dismantling furniture and filling skips. Skips are always a pain to order and get removed so the system also saves this hassle too.
Charity reuse


As a porter, when staff ask me to dispose of items, I tell them to add the item to Warp It instead. I would have to remove the item anyway, so I would rather it went to a new home than into the skip or bin! Also when the item is claimed by an external organisation, the 3rd party comes in (usually a school or charity) to take the item away. This saves me time, as I only need to be on hand to instruct rather than actually dismantle and carry the items.
Time Saving

Facilities Manager

I can improve the way we move furniture and assets around the estate. We used to move items into a store and redistribute from there. With the online marketplace we can now transfer surplus items from disposer to new owner directly- without the need for a store. This reduces movements of surplus items by 50%, saving staff time, double handling and risk of injury to staff and goods.

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Storage Stock Management

Furniture Store Manager

It used to be a case of me having to know what is in the store, and remembering to match it up with whoever needed the item at the time. This was a drain on time and effort. It’s all automatic now. If items are not claimed internally first, they are moved into the store for the future. Staff can view what is in the store online- rather than visiting the store in person. This saves time and reduces H&S risks. Also I don’t have to retain all that info in my head anymore! I always know what is in the store, as the system tracks the asset.
Building Clearance Reuse

Space Manager

We have space efficiency targets. I encourage all staff to use the system to declutter space and improve space efficiency. Expensive space is being taken up by useful assets and office furniture, that are not being used, and are becoming obsolete. In reality, we are storing waste delaying disposal. It is human nature to hoard “stuff” for a rainy day. The system makes it easy, convenient and acceptable to give or loan resources to others- liberating space!
Building Clearance

Building rationalisation, decant, move, refurbishment managers

I use Warp It to manage building clearances and decants. As soon as we know a building is to be emptied, we can pre load the furniture, fixtures and fittings and equipment, and new owners are found, even before the building is vacated! Reuse is maximised and delays reduced. It feels good not wasting all of that furniture- putting it to good use.
Asset Redistribution

Sustainability Manager

I can ensure the organisation is using resources in the most effective way possible, so that we minimise our environmental impacts whilst supporting our partners in the community. The big environmental saving is we do not have to buy new products- saving waste, supply chain emissions and of course purchasing costs. I can report these saving accurately to management.
Chair Reuse


As a procurer of goods I can claim surplus items off others in my organisation and across the country, to reduce procurement costs. It is especially handy for office type resources like stationery and furniture. Also I save time as I do not need to get a quote, raise a purchase order and pay an invoice- which can take up to 30 minutes usually!
Reduce Skip Costs Reuse

Waste Manager

In setting up the network, I can facilitate the trading of surplus goods in my organisation and between organisations. I reduce my skip charges and hassles. I am compliant with legislation and I can also report on waste diverted.
Green Business Club

Partnership, business park or membership club

As a partnership manager we can use the system for our members to swap and share resources between each other. The system helps our member organisation to collaborate to get maximum value from surplus assets. They can also get access to the surplus assets across the rest of the network. This saves them purchasing and disposal costs and makes the membership more resilient. It shows our members we are looking out for them and leading on sustainability and cost savings.
School Reuse

School head teacher , caretaker or governor

As a head teacher I can use the system to claim stuff off other schools and organisations. Besides saving lots of money on purchase costs- I have also claimed a large desk for my office! I can also loan or rent out my underused items to other schools. This can save us money and even generate revenue.

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