Loan return date

Loan or rent out surplus assets

As well as one way donations, the Warp It system also facilitates the loaning or rental of items. Think of it as a room booking system but for assets, equipment and any common items.

Loan information section

Popular uses

The loan facility is well used for items that are common in each office but are used infrequently, such as laminators, binders, fans etc. The loan feature is used extensively for high value, low use equipment like sport apparatus and laboratory kit- especially between schools and labs.

Loan out stored items

Booking out commonly held assets

The loan feature can also be used to book out items from a store, such as laptops, safety equipment and vehicles etc. The loan feature can also be used by staff who have a stock of equipment and traditionally book it out over email like table clothes, a frame, advertising boards, tools etc.

Loaning guidelines and terms

Loaning guidelines & liabilities

In the same method as standard donations there are guidelines to loans and Terms & Conditions. Organisations can customise this agreement for their own purposes.

To read in detail about loaning and renting items using Warp It please see here.

What our customers are saying

Because I heard you literally ring a bell in the office every time you get a good score. Please tell me this is true!       

Also, the system has always worked smoothly for me and has saved our dept. loads of expense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Also because it means I occasionally get some variety in my life by meeting other people from other departments and chat about why we have loads of spare box files and they don't or vice versa.                                                                              It makes me feel like I have lots of friends

Anon, University of Nottingham

Excellent way of reusing items that are no longer required by the owner!

I have found lots of items that I can use!

I also claim items that I know are wanted within my organisation and pass them on ??

Ann Cornwall, NHS Highland

Fantastic way of saving money !

Anon, Humber NHS Foundation Trust