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Search for surplus items within your organisation, or in partner organisations.
Add items to your “Watch list” or “Wish list” to get priority notifications.
Search local regional or the whole of the network for surplus items.

Find free stuff for work

Reduce purchase costs and time by claiming items off other staff in your organisation or from other organisations, for free.

Reduces unnecessary purchasing

It is easy for purchasing staff to check if others across the network have a surplus item, before making a decision to buy new, or not.

Save on purchasing time

Claiming an item is just a case of matching up the two parties and completing the transaction. No need to go through the whole quote, purchase order and invoice process. This saves time and staff can concentrate on more important things than processing purchase paperwork!

Search & Filter

Search for items within the organisation, within partner organisations or right across the country. Filter searches for location or specific categories or items.


Add your own "Wish list" to get notified first if an item becomes available. When someone else adds the item, you receive an email and claim the item.

Watch list

If an item is being advertised but is not yet available, add it to your “Watch list” and get a notification when it becomes available. An item may not be available as it is still being advertised in the host organisation or it is still being used by the owner, but will become available in the future.


Receive customisable notifications about daily or weekly additions and other activity on your organisations' and partners' account. Control the frequency of notifications.


View these guides to find out how to add an item, how to claim an item and to use the wish and watch lists.

Guidance section for adding an item
Guidance section for adding another item like this
Guidance section for claiming an item
Guidance section for wish and watch list

Storage and Double Handling

View this guide for information on double handling items. Click here

What our customers are saying

Great service that ensures we make the very best use of our resources

Anon, University of York

Great effort to reuse! 

It encourages the 'rehome' of items that have been made 'redundant'.

Anon, The University of Edinburgh

I hate this throw-away society and treat government money as if it were my own.

This has been a long time in coming - I've watched decent furniture be scrapped when others could have benefited from it.

I'm delighted that we no longer have to waste NHS money unnecessarily on such purchases!

Lucy Mott, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Trust